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About us

We created RideAbility to share our expertise and passion for mountain biking.

Ride with us and we’ll help you develop your riding technique on the best trails in the Portes du Soleil.

Why choose us?

  • Passion : we love riding bikes, talking bikes and sharing routes
  • Professionalism : with top level qualifications and the attitude to match, we deliver superb service on and off the mountain
  • Experience : Established in Morzine in 2007, we know the area intimately and can help you get the most out of it

Joseph Pauly

Jo set up RideAbility to share his experience and passion for riding. He has been teaching for more than ten years and holds two “Brevet d’Etat” (ski and bike), the high level french qualification awarded after 5 years of training for skiing and 1 year for cycling. He has worked and ridden in numerous places all over the world, races on the local DH/Enduro cup, coaches the Morzine MTB club and, on top of all that, is a qualified and experienced bike mechanic…

His plan: help you “live slower, ride faster”!

Brevet d’état (diploma) N° 063-06-0174
Carte Pro (teaching licence) N° 07406ED0124
RC Pro (professional insurance) N° 113 903 072

Laurent Baud ’Nannon’

Born and bred Morzinois, Laurent was skidding around town before it was even a thing.
With his intimate knowledge of the area he’ll enjoy sharing his passion for riding with you (downhill as well as uphill!) whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider.

Carte Pro (teaching licence) N° 07400ED0078
RC Pro (professional insurance) N° 113 903 072


Tom joined us in 2020, he cut his teeth riding on the rooty slopes of the Vosges so coming to Morzine was like opening the door to a sweet shop; naturals trails, jumps, berms.... he loves it all! When he’s not busy sharing his best tips with you, you might spot him racing the national series in both Enduro and Downhill.

Carte Pro (teaching licence) N° 00515ED0043
RC Pro (professional insurance) N° 113 903 072


After years of racing Motocross, Jonathan swapped petrol for pedals and turned his hand to Downhill Mtb, after just a couple of years he was racing the National series… keen to share his passion the next obvious step was taking the Mtb professional coaching qualification… as you can guess, he nailed that too!

Not only a talented rider Jonathan’s a dedicated instructor who will help you develop your skills whatever your riding level.

RC Pro (professional insurance) N° 113 903 072